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What Do We Do?

We use the most state-of-the-art and powerful  technologies to strategically 

mine for target-generated insights. We deliver intelligence from the organic and unbiased Collective Voice™.

What Is The "Collective Voice™"?

We source our data from everywhere and anywhere people express themselves digitally, the Collective Voice™. This allows us to discover "organic truths", that would otherwise be impossible using other research methodologies.

How Are We Different?

We apply the principles and disciplines of market research to Collective Voice™ data. We do this utilizing innovative artificial intelligence, machine learning and text analytic capabilities that mine for strategic insights.


What Are Our Advantages?

  1. Unadulterated Authenticity: Organic target-generated insights 
  2. Absolute Objectivity: Collective Voice™ assures no researcher bias
  3. Extremely Cost Effective: Less than half as much as other alternatives
  4. Speed of Results. Our work is commonly completed in less than half the time of other methodologies

What Types Of Insights?

  1. Discovery: Organic "learning" from your target. Know what was previously unknown
  2. Intelligence: A deeper and granular understanding of your key insight needs
  3. Strategic Answers: Specific answers to your specific questions

Why Should You Consider Us?

  1. When you need unbiased target- generated insight
  2. To provide intelligence for design of other qualitative and quantitative research projects
  3. When you need timely and cost effective answers from real people.
  4. To obtain insight for difficult to reach targets (ethnic, psychographic, lifestyle, etc.)
  5. When you need granularity

Discovery: Uncovering what you don't know

Topical Discovery

Explore at a deep and granular level the influencing dynamics of topics from a Collective Voice™ perspective. Zero in on what they view as important, motivating and influential. Instead of hypothesizing, let your target tell you in a completely unbiased and organic manner.

User Discovery

Uncover your organic user groups and the driving dynamics that makes each unique. This includes distinguishing personas, mindsets, want/needs and drivers/barriers.

Segmentation Discovery

Discover the naturally occurring segments for your area of interest. They may be demographic, psychographic, ethnic, generational, lifestage or a hybrid combination.

Generational Discovery

Reveal the generational wants/needs for your topic. Determine topical "universal truths" as well as the wildly varying influences that differentiate them.

Lifestage Discovery

Find out the driving dynamics of your topical area by stage of life. From young & singles to empty nesters, we can tell you what makes them tick.

Psychographic Discovery

Go beneath the surface to understand the various mindsets that comprise your target. Understand how the wide array of "need states" and "want states" interact and influence each other in a wide variety of ways. 

Insight: Deep Dive into what you need to know

Cultural Insights

In our increasingly diverse and multicultural society, it's important to understand the unique differentiators, motivations and needs. True cultural insight comes from an understanding of the blend of ethnic-specific and universal truths.

Vertical Insights

Verticals can be a deep reservoir of organic target-generated insights. Delving deep into what these specific audiences discuss, share and ask gives you an extensive lens of insight into your topic. 

Target Insights

Drill into your target(s) by extracting "in-the-wild" insights from your target(s). Identify naturally occurring personas and create robust profiles of your various target groups. 

Motivations Insights

Motivations are the drivers of all decisions. Whether a purchase, attitude, action, want or behavior, we can help you determine the important influencing factors.

Decision Making Insights

Get specific answers to specific decisions by extracting insight by those in your target who are actually making that type of decision.

Journey Insights

Getting from point A to point B is a universal human experience. While the experience is universal, the actual behaviors are not.  Every segment gets there taking their own unique journey.

Intelligence: Reveals the "why" behind your "what"

Wants and Needs Assessments

Our in-life wants/needs assessment gives you the depth of knowledge you need to understand the influencers that drive DEMAND.

Emotional Influence Assessments

How your target "feels" can have enormous impact on what influences them. They are telling us how they feel 24/7, you just need to be there to hear them. We are!

Driver/Barrier Assessments

Get answers to the fundamental questions of "what are drivers ?" (positive influences) and "what are barriers?" (negative influences).

Preference Assessments

The world is full of choices and choices are based on "preference". We get to the fundamentals of understanding the "preference drivers" for your target.

Attitude & Usage Assessments

Observe your target's digital behaviors, discussions, drivers/barriers, wants/needs, opinions, motivations, influencers, preferences and more, at a topic-specific level.

Brand Equity Assessments

Understand your brand better by understanding what your customers already think.

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